Cult of the Cog God

Cult of the Cog God

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New religions spring into existence all the time. A walk down Set’s streets reveals the temples and churches of hundreds of faiths coalescing around ideas that range from the sensible to the bizarre, with all sorts of divine beings, monsters, philosophies, and mad beliefs at their cores. Add to these minor religions a host of small gods found throughout the lands of Rûl, and there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of gods, demigods, and quasi-divine beings who receive prayers from mortals searching for meaning and answers in places outside themselves.

     Usually, the major religions pay little attention to these minor faiths as they tend to fade as quickly as they appear. But sometimes a religion’s message is strong enough and offers enough proof of some divine being or concept, through miracles or other unexplained phenomena, that the beliefs of the few become a major spiritual force in the land.

     The Cult of the Cog God began in a fashion similar to these other minor faiths, taking shape from the efforts of a small body of clockworks who sought spiritual direction from something other than derision of living peoples, a being who would recognize and even sanctify their right to exist. The Cult of the Cog God reveals the secrets of Rûl’s newest faith and gives players everything they need to create members of this faith for their Shadow of the Demon Lord games.

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