Dancing in the Ruins (Godless, Novice)

Dancing in the Ruins (Godless, Novice)

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The Grand Fleet of the Party King has come to town, promising a life of plenty and unlimited pleasures for those permitted to join. But from all the desperate petitioners, the Party King takes only a lucky few. And even these soon find that life in the Grand Fleet holds more terror than pleasure, as plenty in post-Cataclysm comes at a high price.

     Dancing in the Ruins is an adventure for novice characters. In it, they seek to unravel the mystery of the Grand Fleet after the Party King’s ship breaks down. The group completes the adventure after they bring answers back to the waiting masses.

     This adventure was written for use with Godless: A World of Fire and Blood, which presents a post-apocalyptic setting for Shadow of the Demon Lord. You can run this adventure as a sequel to In a Pig’s Eye or to Last One Standing, or after some other starting or novice adventure. If you want to run this adventure in Urth or a different setting, you might have to make some modifications to fit the story into your world.

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