Genius Loci

Genius Loci

  • $ 3.99

Genius Loci examines the origins of the genies, their significant role in the creation of reality and the multiverse, and their present, deplorable state. Like all entries into the Monstrous Pages series, the aim of this supplement is to add depth and character to iconic creatures from Shadow of the Demon Lord to help you develop them more fully part of your game. Genius Loci contains:

  • The origins and the history of the genies
  • Details on genies worshiped as gods
  • Rules for detailing with genies
  • 12 new genie forms from blood genies to pitch genies
  • A sample incarnation
  • Over a dozen new statistics boxes for the genies' chief servants, the elementals
  • Astonishing artwork by Ivan Dixon!

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