Oddities, Artifacts, and Esoterica

Oddities, Artifacts, and Esoterica

  • $ 1.99

You know you have it somewhere. You root around in your backpack, pushing aside a crusty loaf of bread, a tin of ham older than you are, a few nails, the whetstone you always mean to use, and, by damn, that bottle of oil you picked up at Crossings last fall. You remember putting the cursed thing in your bag and you’ve been hauling it around for what seems like your whole life, yet when you need it, you can’t find it. But then, your hand brushes the stiff spines of that bizarre bronze feather and you know you found it. As you pull out the oddity, you remember your grandmother giving it to you and saying that one day, you’ll have need of it. Well, that day seems to have come. You shout in triumph as you pull the feather free, knowing that this interesting thing you have carried for so long will open the door that has so far resisted every means of entry you and your companions have tried. Too bad you’re the last one left alive! All characters begin the game with at least one interesting thing and might pick up more along the way. Interesting things can take the form of mysterious objects, but they can also be experiences, reputation, dependents, pets, and more. This entry into the Poisoned Pages series greatly expands on the weirdness, inexplicability, and excitement that interesting things can generate.

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